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Chinese cash versus American might

Chinese economics versus American warmongering

Strictly speaking, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank doesn’t even exist yet. But the Chinese-created alternative to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is turning out to be extremely important. More than 40 countries have applied to join, almost all of them close U.S. allies

Barack Obama

US sees only own interests in Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks

Ministers from Japan, the United States and 10 other Pacific-Rim countries failed to reach a broad agreement in their Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks held in Singapore from Feb. 22 to 25. This followed their earlier similar failure in December also in a meeting held in the island-state.

Rising costs of climate change

The international community has as little as 15 years to limit greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean energy technologies before climate change will become too serious a problem for current technology to tackle or will be extremely costly, states a United Nations draft report

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