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  1. Avatar Genevieve Richter says:

    Fahrrad oil. Not ahead oil!

  2. Avatar Genevieve Richter says:

    Very much like these posts. I understand a little because in Freising was an old Kaserne and my daughter was about 10 in 1999 and I went in with her because she had been going alone and then we went back for my husband and her brothers and we went throughout the area from kitchens to gymnasium and it was a wonderful experience. The bits of leather for the horses from the first world war were still there. And the floor. The police came and my husband…funny he was also a Richter, Holger, took us out a window. Someone else was escorted from the grounds and later arrested. It was terribly exciting and some parts very beautiful too. I took an empty box of Rohrdrat schellen from an attic? And an empty box of Viceroy cigarettes. And some ahead oil from a garage. We went home and made a victory dinner with ginger ale for champagne. Soon after it was made into apartments and the beautiful little windows in upper floors were destroyed. It is a wonderful memory. I wish you many more wonderful adventures. Be safe always. What did Oma say? Vorsicht dich? All fading now!!

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