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  1. Avatar Patrick says:

    Very interesting collection.
    I want to make a couple of comments. I think the “moose” under the German planes is a reindeer. The Russians used them to carry supplies. They couldn’t carry the same load as a horse but were much better in rough areas.
    Secondly. the roads were rough for German and Soviet alike. It is unfair to blame German defeat on them. The Soviets fought very hard and lost millions of men doing it. Marshall Zhukoff also took exception to the weather causing the German defeat. They all suffered the same winters, he said. He continued to say that if you want to give one thing all the credit, honour the Russian women that built the anti tank trenches around Moscow. This stopped the German advance long enough for the Soviet Union to recover and start launching counter attacks.
    History is fascinating, isn’t it?

    • Renka Renka says:

      It is, indeed. Thanks for your comment. I think that you are right about the fact that the Germans and Russians suffered alike from the bad weather and bad roads. But I suppose that in the cold war that followed WWII, it was not done to admit that the Russians fought very well. The re-writing of history is a fascinating subject too.

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