The abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc

The abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc

Christian Richter spent his teens exploring abandoned buildings in what was then Communist East Germany. As an adult he’s still doing it, but now he takes a camera to capture the advancing decay of their interiors.

Villagers walk around a floral carpet on a street during Corpus Christi celebrations in the village of Ponteareas, northwestern Spain, on June 7, 2015. In this traditional religious celebration, dating from 1857, the procession meanders through streets decorated with colourful floral carpets.

Colorful Corpus Christi Celebrations.

Colorful Corpus Christi Celebrations. Evangelical believers participate in the 23rd March for Jesus, considered by organizers the most popular Christian event in the world on June 4, 2015, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Vietnam’s Photographic History, Told by the Winners

Patrick Chauvel was an 18-year-old rookie photographer looking for adventure and a chance to witness history when he arrived in Vietnam in 1968. He soon fell into a rhythm of photographing in the field for a few days and returning to the comfort of Saigon.

Inside a wing of one Belgium's most recent prisons, freshly built in Beveren. February 2014.

The Dark Side of Belgium: Life Behind Bars

A female prisoner sunbathing at the women’s prison in Berkendaele, Brussels. This courtyard is located next to a prison for men, whose cells offer a direct view on the women’s courtyard. Some of the women enjoy mocking the men or exposing themselves to them. Brussels, Belgium. July 2011.

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