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Black Votes Matter

Kanye West Committed A Heresy And He’s Not Alone

With Midterms around the corner, some Black voters are tearing up their Democratic memberships, arguing the party no longer has their best interests at heart. Is this a new political trend or a mere flash in the pan for the GOP?

F-35 Production Line

Pentagon report points to US preparations for total war

Over the past two weeks, with next to no media coverage, the United States has moved substantially closer toward open military confrontation with both Russia and China, the second- and third-ranked nuclear powers in the world.

F-35 Grounded

US Exceptional F-35 Fighter Jets Grounded

The entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets has been grounded to inspect the aircraft for suspected faulty fuel tubes, the US military said. The decision comes in the wake of a Marine Corps’ F-35B crash in South Carolina last month.

Guided missile destroyer USS Bulkeley (DDG 84) © Lt. K. Fitch, US Navy / Flickr

US preparing to defend Al Qaeda terrorists

With the arrival of another guided missile destroyer to the Mediterranean, the US may have 200 ‘Tomahawks’ ready for a strike on Syria, as Russia warns that jihadist groups in Idlib are planning a fake chemical attack.

Grandma Clinton

Trump may be bad but Clinton would have been so much worse

Hilarious Clinton appeared in front of a crowded Central Park in New York to talk Trump and Russia. However, her appearance, particularly her part-hospital gown, part-muumuu dress stole the show on Twitter. Clinton was appearing at OZY Festival, a weekend-long...

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