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Raul Castro’s Photo-Op With a War Monger

With respect to Cuban leader Raul Castro, his reported assessment that American President Barack Obama is “an honest man” is way off the mark. President Castro — the younger brother of ageing Fidel — spoke those flattering words at the Summit of the Americas at the weekend.


Obama doesn’t understand how the Iranians see the world

In the process of engaging with Iran, the President appears to project his own views onto them, thus obfuscating the reality of their beliefs and the implications of their stated hostility for Israel, our most important ally in the region.

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US of A, Disturbingly Exceptional

The United States is exceptional in that it is the only advanced economy in the world that has failed to provide universal health care for its citizens. It has a large, parasitical for-profit health care system,

Chinese cash versus American might

Chinese economics versus American warmongering

Strictly speaking, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank doesn’t even exist yet. But the Chinese-created alternative to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is turning out to be extremely important. More than 40 countries have applied to join, almost all of them close U.S. allies

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