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5 big defeats for Trump’s America

Donald Trump made it a banner promise of his presidency to stop the US being abused as the world’s “piggybank” – but not all foreign powers seem to be cowed into submission by his assertive style of foreign economic policy....

Ethiopia Plane Crash - Boeing 737 Max 8

What Went Wrong With The Boeing 737 MAX 8 ?

The crash of the 737 MAX 8 jet in Ethiopia has rocked the world and apparently spelled hard times for Boeing. The incident itself – as well as its aftermath – has also raised some questions that need to be answered.

Elliott Abrams - Ivan Duque

They really think they still rule the world

With the vast majority of the world still seeing Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, America’s hawkish special envoy has hinted that Washington might sanction third parties that defy the US regime-change efforts.

US - Biggest Threat To World Peace

US Greatest Threat to Global Security

Japan and South Korea – US allies and home to a combined 82,000 US troops – see the United States as a “major threat” to global security. The Koreans fear the US more than North Korea, and more than anyone fears Russia.

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