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Victoria Nuland

What Ukraine really needs

The EU has reluctantly provided Ukraine with its first financial aid package   The United States has a recent history of going to war for dubious reasons promoted by interested groups, for which afterwards Americans are sorry. I have in...

Kiev accuses Moscow of plot to divide, destroy east.

Saying Russian troops were within a 30 km (19 mile) zone from the Ukrainian border, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told a government meeting: “An anti-Ukrainian plan is being put into operation . . . under which foreign troops will cross the border and seize the territory of the country.


Pro-Russians call for east Ukraine independency

Pro-Russian separatists who seized a provincial administration building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk proclaimed the region independent Monday — an echo of events prior to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Ukrainian authorities called the move an attempt by Russia to sow unrest.


Why US has a Distorted View of Ukrainian Crisis

  What U.S. media won’t say about Russia’s actions   As usual, America’s foreign correspondents are falling down on the job. Stories devoid of historical context cast Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a naked act of neo-Soviet aggression. Considering that...

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