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Small robot to enter Fukushima No. 2 reactor

A new small robot will be used to inspect the condition of melted nuclear fuel at the second reactor of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant as early as this summer, marking the first full-scale probe since the disaster caused by the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami in 2011.

three years anniversary of japans fukushima earthquake

Three years after the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami.

I remember how three years ago I followed the tragic events in my beloved Japan. From day to day I saw how the Japanese people struggled to cope with the devastating catastrophy from the earthquake and the tsunami. Little did they know that a third disaster would add to their ordeal.

Fukushimas Reactor Building

Dismantling Fukushima: The World’s Toughest Demolition Project

The Fukushima decommissioning project is one of the biggest engineering challenges of our time: It will likely take 40 years to complete and cost US $15 billion. The operation will involve squadrons of advanced robots, the likes of which we have never seen


Record strontium-90 level in Fukushima groundwater

The total amount of beta particle-emitting materials in the samples are likely to be around 10 million becquerels, far higher than the previous high of 3.1 million becquerels for that well, a Tepco official said Thursday.

Fukushima Water

Radiation at Fukushima well hits ‘record high’

A Tokyo Electric Power Corp.’s (Tepco) official stands at H4 tank area, at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (AFP Photo / Kimimasa Mayama)   A record high level of beta rays released from radioactive...

Fukushima Meltdown

Fukushima meltdown? Mystery steam rising over Reactor 3

Fukushima’s Reactor Building 3 exploded on 13th March 2011 as a result of a hydrogen buildup, breaching the building’s containment and emitting a huge plume of radiation. The reactor itself is in meltdown.   Unexplained plumes of radioactive steam have...

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