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Khamenei: Europe must be dreaming

Europe’s attempts to limit Iran’s ballistic missile program will never become reality, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, adding that Tehran has no plans to limit is influence across the Middle East, either.

One-Track Minds

The White House’s wishful thinking on Iran and North Korea

On Monday, in a speech billed as his first major policy address, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hailed “the coming pressure campaign on the Iranian regime.” Echoing his boss, Pompeo painted an image of Iranian militias and agendas running rampant across the Middle East.

Trump Middle-East

The complex situation in the Middle-East

The modern Middle East has been plagued by ruinous wars: country versus country, civil wars with internecine and sectarian bloodletting, and numerous eruptions centered on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Putin bests Obama in Iran

It’s much easier to explain why Russian President Vladimir Putin wants a multilateral deal with Iran than U.S. President Barack Obama. The political and economic gains from the removal of United Nations-imposed sanctions are palpable for Russia, while iffy at best for the United States.


Obama doesn’t understand how the Iranians see the world

In the process of engaging with Iran, the President appears to project his own views onto them, thus obfuscating the reality of their beliefs and the implications of their stated hostility for Israel, our most important ally in the region.

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