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Political Correctness

PC-induced insanity in the US

America is faced with the grim prospect of the First Amendment being abolished in the places where it should be most vibrant – the schools and universities. Nothing less than the nation’s survival is at stake.

Kim Jong Un's extra-large letter to Trump

Kim’s Big Letter for Trump

SEOUL – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is known for pushing the envelope with threats and bluster as he seeks to leverage his nuclear weapons program into security and economic benefits for his country. But lately he’s gained notoriety for his envelopes alone.

net neutrality

Brave New World? You will know what it’s like, soon…

Can anyone still doubt that access to a relatively free and open internet is rapidly coming to an end in the west? In China and other autocratic regimes, leaders have simply bent the internet to their will, censoring content that...

Trump Uniting Asia

How Trump is driving Asian powers together

There were two dominant headlines. One, President Trump’s pivot away not just from Asia, but the post-World War II global trade system. Two, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe basking in a huge Trans-Pacific Partnership win at stark odds with Trump’s “always put America first” crouch.

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