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Saucy: The fries at Pommeke offers come with a selection of delicious sauces served to the side, and the order shown here comes with a Flemish carbonade

The Real Belgian Fries now in Tokyo

Bart Sablon | COURTESY OF POMMEKE   Tokyo boasts plenty of Belgian culinary spots, from beer bars to chocolate shops. Chef Bart Sablon even points out that there is a Belgian waffle store right around the corner from Pommeke, a...


Photos of colorful Tokyo

Kevin Kelly, photographer, captured the vibrant colors of life in Tokyo   Japanese love uniforms; every role has a uniform. Kevin Kelly captured some of the uniforms on the streets and trains, especially the cosplay uniforms in Harajuku, Tokyo. And...


Japan, once again, an example for the rest of the world…

Shibuya sanctuary: Oko Ishii opened Tokyo’s Bonheur de Sakura with friend Sachiko Michishita as a place where parents can take their children to relax in a sophisticated atmosphere. The writer’s 1-year-old daughter seems to be enjoying it too. | DANIELLE...


I wanna go shopping…!!!

Harajuku, one of the most popular tourist spots for foreign visitors to Tokyo, is best known for Takeshita-dori, the narrow lane crammed with shops that runs for about 350 meters from JR Harajuku Station toward Meiji-dori.


Are Japanese hooters as big as Hooters’ burgers?

Last year, I worked during school vacation at Hungry Jack’s, a hamburger chain here in Australia, for some extra money. It was fun and most people were very friendly. But I don’t think there was one single customer who came specially to Hungry Jack’s for my (admittedly still very small) hooters…

Screams of joy in Tokyo as city awarded 2020 Games

Japan to organize the 2020 games

Tokyo overcame a worsening crisis at a nuclear plant 230km (140 miles) away as well as a one-time lack of local support to convincingly beat rivals Istanbul and Madrid for the right to stage the Games for the second time.

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