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Australian Vineyard

Chinese love Aussie Wines

Records continue to tumble for Australia’s wine industry, with new statistics showing export values are the highest in a decade. It comes as China reinforces itself as a boom market for Australian product, with a 51 per cent yearly growth

I went to the pub today…!

SA pubs and hotels serve alcohol on Good Friday for first time in 100 years
South Australian pubs are open on Good Friday for the first time since World War I, with the new rules drawing mixed reactions from religious leaders and happy punters.

No More War…Ever…

  Vietnam war anthem “I Was Only 19” added to Sounds of Australia registry for 2015 The classic Australian song, I Was Only 19, about the plight of returned Vietnam soldiers, has been added to the Sounds of Australia registry....


Far-right wing on the rise again in Australia

An anti-Muslim protester (right) shouting at a Muslim supporter during a demonstration outside the Parramatta Mosque in Sydney on Oct 9.PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE   Latest wave of anti-immigrant sentiment focuses on growing Muslim community On Tuesday night at a secret...

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