After 15 years, still funny: No Pants Subway Ride

No Pants Subway Ride 2018   Hundreds of people braved wintery conditions on Sunday to celebrate the ‘No Pants Subway Ride,’ a yearly event which sees commuters forgo trousers on public transport.   The comical event, which first began in...


Sexbots coming to a place near you

The ethics of robot sex is hotly debated. But with ‘digisexual’ now an accepted sexual preference, the world’s first robot brothel opening in Barcelona, and buyers able to customize sex dolls to an extreme level

net neutrality

Brave New World? You will know what it’s like, soon…

Can anyone still doubt that access to a relatively free and open internet is rapidly coming to an end in the west? In China and other autocratic regimes, leaders have simply bent the internet to their will, censoring content that...

A woman carries two children on an electric bicycle. | KYODO

The Special and Powerful Mamachari Electrical Bikes of Japan

Going electric: Celebrating Japan’s powerful e-bikes by J.J. O’Donoghue KYOTO – What’s the first piece of advice I give anyone visiting Kyoto who wants to check out the sights? Rent an electric bike. And just like that their visit is...

Santa in Adelaide - 1

Santa Claus arrives in Adelaide

More than 300,000 people have lined the streets of Adelaide to watch the annual Christmas pageant. More than 171 colourful floats, bands, dancers and clowns were involved in the parade through the city. Some people were lining up since the...

Trump Uniting Asia

How Trump is driving Asian powers together

There were two dominant headlines. One, President Trump’s pivot away not just from Asia, but the post-World War II global trade system. Two, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe basking in a huge Trans-Pacific Partnership win at stark odds with Trump’s “always put America first” crouch.

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