Measles outbreak in Japan and Taiwan

More than 3,500 people in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung have been quarantined and are being monitored by the island’s health authorities after coming into contact with infected crew members of budget carrier Tigerair Taiwan, local media reported.

Australian Vineyard

Chinese love Aussie Wines

Records continue to tumble for Australia’s wine industry, with new statistics showing export values are the highest in a decade. It comes as China reinforces itself as a boom market for Australian product, with a 51 per cent yearly growth

Oita landslide

1 dead, 5 missing after landslide in Oita Prefecture

A massive landslide engulfed houses in a tourist town in the southwestern Japan prefecture of Oita early Wednesday morning, leaving one person dead and five others unaccounted for and severing a road leading to the site, local authorities said.


Easter egg hunt in Japan

By comparison, Easter in Japan has usually been more of a nonevent. Some retailers focused on foodstuffs may run promotions yet industries as a whole have traditionally ignored it. There are a few chocolate bunnies on display at department stores in Tokyo, but they’re sold by European chocolatiers.

I went to the pub today…!

SA pubs and hotels serve alcohol on Good Friday for first time in 100 years
South Australian pubs are open on Good Friday for the first time since World War I, with the new rules drawing mixed reactions from religious leaders and happy punters.

Good Friday

Good Friday: Easter holiday in Australia and around the world

Good Friday is one of the most important days in the Christian calendar, and church leaders have both urged followers to look to young people.
In an annual video address to Christians, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Dr Glenn Davies said young people were leading by example.


Seoul to send 160-member art troupe to Pyongyang

South Korea will send a 160-member art troupe – including Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and K-pop girl band Red Velvet – to perform two concerts in Pyongyang from March 31 until April 3, the Ministry of Unification (MOU) announced on Tuesday.

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