Another reason never to buy a rotten apple

In 2018, iPhone maker Apple gave its chief executive Tim Cook a substantial pay raise of more than 20 percent, bringing his total compensation for the year to almost $15.7 million, a new filing submitted to the SEC reveals.

The Power Of Women © Reuters / Benoit Tessier

The Power of Women…And The French Revolution

Women in blood-red hoodies covered in silver paint evoked the French revolutionary icon on Champs-Elysees avenue on Saturday. Their appearance was in stark contrast to the black and blue uniforms of gendarmes and police officers, and the yellow vests of hundreds of protesters around them.

The Future of Europe

UN migration pact dividing nations

An international agreement on how to deal with the global migration crisis is to be approved on Monday, but some are already calling it ‘dead’ as countries try to ditch the deal that prompted domestic political turmoil.


OMG, Blasphemy: Never Say “A Man Who Suddenly Thinks He’s A Woman Is Still A Man”

Meghan Murphy, editor of Canada’s leading feminist news portal Feminist Current, was banned on Twitter because several of her tweets violated the platform’s rules against “hateful conduct.” One of the ‘offending’ tweets stated that “men aren’t women,” while the other asked: “How are transwomen not men?” (I guess that a ‘transwoman’ means a man who suddenly thinks he’s a woman).

Sinead O'Connor

Latest victim of brain destroying virus: Sinead O’Connor

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor became the latest victim of the brain-destroying virus that has attacked people in what is called “The Free West”. She recently declared that she never again wants to spend time with “disgusting” white people in a series of tweets about her recent conversion to Islam.

The famed Scots Guards regiment, where the scandal unfolded. © REUTERS/PETER NICHOLLS

The Many Advantages Of Transgenderism

Chloe Allen, officially recognized as the British Army’s first woman allowed on the frontline after transitioning in 2016, has reportedly been accused of breaking up a fellow soldier’s marriage — a serious breach of army ethics.

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