Japan under Abe heading the wrong (nuclear) way…

Easily forgotten by the bureaucrats: the dangers of nuclear power   The Abe administration seems to be reverting to an old energy policy by revisiting the old policymaking process. The draft of the nation’s new Basic Energy Plan, put together...


I wanna go shopping…!!!

Harajuku, one of the most popular tourist spots for foreign visitors to Tokyo, is best known for Takeshita-dori, the narrow lane crammed with shops that runs for about 350 meters from JR Harajuku Station toward Meiji-dori.

Moving on: A young survivor walks underneath the hull of a ship that was washed ashore during Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban on Saturday. One month since Typhoon Haiyan, signs of progress in this shattered Philippine city are mixed with reminders of the scale of the disaster and the challenges ahead. | AP

One month on, signs of progress emerge from Philippine typhoon zone

The government is back at work, and markets are laden with fruits, pork, fish and bread. Shredded trees are sprouting new leaves. Above all, the sounds of a city getting back on its feet fill the air: the roar of trucks hauling debris, the scrape of shovel along pavement, the ping of hammer on nails.


Are Japanese hooters as big as Hooters’ burgers?

Last year, I worked during school vacation at Hungry Jack’s, a hamburger chain here in Australia, for some extra money. It was fun and most people were very friendly. But I don’t think there was one single customer who came specially to Hungry Jack’s for my (admittedly still very small) hooters…


Economics that aids people

At the end of 1971, Joan Robinson, a leading British economic theorist, gave a speech on “the second crisis of economics” at a plenary session of the American Economic Association, which was passionately received by the audience.

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