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Easter egg hunt in Japan

By comparison, Easter in Japan has usually been more of a nonevent. Some retailers focused on foodstuffs may run promotions yet industries as a whole have traditionally ignored it. There are a few chocolate bunnies on display at department stores in Tokyo, but they’re sold by European chocolatiers.

A woman carries two children on an electric bicycle. | KYODO

The Special and Powerful Mamachari Electrical Bikes of Japan

Going electric: Celebrating Japan’s powerful e-bikes by J.J. O’Donoghue KYOTO – What’s the first piece of advice I give anyone visiting Kyoto who wants to check out the sights? Rent an electric bike. And just like that their visit is...

Trump Uniting Asia

How Trump is driving Asian powers together

There were two dominant headlines. One, President Trump’s pivot away not just from Asia, but the post-World War II global trade system. Two, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe basking in a huge Trans-Pacific Partnership win at stark odds with Trump’s “always put America first” crouch.

Nozomi Okuhara

Picture of the day: Golden girl Nozomi Okuhara

Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara displays her gold medal following her victory against India’s Pusarla Sindhu in the women’s final of the badminton World Championships in Glasgow on Sunday. Okuhara became the first Japanese player to win a world gold singles medal...

A man pours the toppings on a serving of McChoco Potato at a McDonald's outlet in Tokyo. | BLOOMBERG

McDonald’s secret sauce for success in Japan

McDonald’s Japan took a series of hits starting in 2014 that threatened to crack its golden arches: a supplier was selling expired chicken, a human tooth was found in french fries and a child was injured by a plastic shard...

Hirado Islands sacred places

History of Roman Catholicism in Japan

Many western people think it is strange to see Roman Catholic nuns in Japanese manga, because Japan is not considered to be a Catholic country. But nuns are part of the Japanese society. You can see them everywhere, in train...


I wanna go shopping…!!!

Harajuku, one of the most popular tourist spots for foreign visitors to Tokyo, is best known for Takeshita-dori, the narrow lane crammed with shops that runs for about 350 meters from JR Harajuku Station toward Meiji-dori.


Are Japanese hooters as big as Hooters’ burgers?

Last year, I worked during school vacation at Hungry Jack’s, a hamburger chain here in Australia, for some extra money. It was fun and most people were very friendly. But I don’t think there was one single customer who came specially to Hungry Jack’s for my (admittedly still very small) hooters…

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