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Duterte and Xi-Jinping

Don’t believe MSM, Duterte doesn’t want war with China

If you followed international headlines this week, you may have been alarmed to see the shocking revelation that, despite wanting a closer relationship with China, Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte was now ready to risk war with Beijing to ‘protect the territorial integrity of his country’.


Philippines, Muslim terrorists sign peace deal

KUALA LUMPUR – Miriam Ferrer (front left), chairwoman of the Philippine Government Peace Panel after signing a peace deal with the muslim terrorists who were responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people and helped foster Islamic extremism...

typhoon Haiyan

The Philippines and Typhoon Haiyan: The winds of change

COSTA BRAVA, a coastal settlement in Tacloban, may have been tempting fate with its name. It is flanked by the open sea on one side and by a bay on the other. When a wall of water from typhoon Haiyan hit it soon after dawn on November 8th the destruction was quick and devastating.

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