The Tale of the Rotten Apple

Worldwide factory shipments of smartphones last year dropped from the previous year for the first time, signaling a change taking place in the smartphone market


Iran in the crosshairs

Mike Pompeo’s bellicose rhetoric against Tehran leaves no doubt that Washington has embraced the status of international renegade.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe of Japan at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. © Valery Sharifulin / Reuters

Russia: between Europe and Asia

The question of whether Russia is a European or Asian country, or both, has perplexed its leaders and citizens for centuries. However, French President Emmanuel Macron believes he knows the answer.

One-Track Minds

The White House’s wishful thinking on Iran and North Korea

On Monday, in a speech billed as his first major policy address, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hailed “the coming pressure campaign on the Iranian regime.” Echoing his boss, Pompeo painted an image of Iranian militias and agendas running rampant across the Middle East.

Trump Middle-East

The complex situation in the Middle-East

The modern Middle East has been plagued by ruinous wars: country versus country, civil wars with internecine and sectarian bloodletting, and numerous eruptions centered on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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