Japan ties with Moscow remain on track

Japan ties with Moscow remain on track.

While U.S. President Barack Obama and other Group of Seven leaders of advanced economies talk of sanctions or other punitive responses, Japanese officials say ties with Moscow remain on track.


Obama, least popular president in decades, restarts cold war

Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to isolate Russia economically and politically. He said Russia may not remain in the G8. There were threats and there was criticism. “It’s really nineteenth century behaviour in the twenty first century.” Kerry said.


Obama apparently never learned the basics of diplomacy.

When he was first elected, everybody had high hopes about the changes Obama promised. After 5 years in office, he has accomplished near to nothing, has instead provoked unrest and bloodshed in the Middle-East

Fukushimas Reactor Building

Dismantling Fukushima: The World’s Toughest Demolition Project

The Fukushima decommissioning project is one of the biggest engineering challenges of our time: It will likely take 40 years to complete and cost US $15 billion. The operation will involve squadrons of advanced robots, the likes of which we have never seen

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