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Lessons The UK Can Learn From Cuba

Cuba’s own experience when Soviet aid was suddenly lost shows that a country that relies on its people has nothing to fear but everything to gain… The withdrawal of Soviet aid in 1990 left Cuba’s economy on a knife-edge. Cubans...


Every Dirty Trick Allowed to Turn the Tide on Brexit

‘No more cheap holidays for Brits’: RyanAir threatens to ground planes after Brexit RyanAir is threatening to ground planes after Britain leaves the EU to persuade voters to “rethink” Brexit. Chief Executive Michael O’Leary wants Britons to realize “they are...


The Brexit Deal

Britain, the EU and Ireland have finally reached a deal on Brexit, meaning talks can now move onto phase two. Talks ran through the night between UK Prime Minister Theresa May, leader of the DUP – Northern Ireland’s biggest party...

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