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Fukushima nuclear cleanup stymied by water woes

More than three years into the massive cleanup of Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant, only a tiny fraction of the workers are focused on key tasks such as preparing for the dismantling of the broken reactors and removing radioactive fuel rods.

Fukushima Radioactive Monkeys

Fukushima Crisis Continues, Worse Than First Reported

Nobody in the world knows how to dispose of radioactive waste safely and permanently. That’s a given. The Japanese central government is presumably aware that anything it does with still the unmeasured but vast amount of radioactive waste from Fukushima’s six nuclear power generators will be temporary.

Robot used for dismantling nuclear reactor.

Rare glimpse into nuclear reactor

In the vast concrete hulks of Trawsfynydd’s old nuclear reactors, the air is monitored constantly for radioactivity. Only two nuclear power plants were built in Wales – one at Wylfa, which is due to close in 2010, and another at...

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