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Mother Nature Takes Revenge: 5 Sinking Metropolises

Some people think that humanity controls nature. That there is a technological solution to every problem. But greed, shortsightedness and stupidity are helping Mother Nature to retake what humanity took for granted. Here are 5 examples of large cities that are slowly but surely sinking into oblivion.

Where did Pacific’s first dogs come from?

Kiwi researchers have drawn on DNA to work out how the first dogs came to the Pacific, thousands of years ago. The study, just published in major journal Scientific Reports, has shed more light on the complex picture of how...


Jalousie: Living Below the Poverty Line

Behind the brightly painted exterior of Jalousie, one of Haiti’s largest slums, lives a community struggling with a lack of sanitation and running water, intermittent electricity and rivers of plastic waste.

Maya Bay rehabilitation begins

PARK RANGERS at the Nopparat Tara-Mu Ko Phi Phi marine national park have placed buoys outlining a no-access zone as part of a bid to rehabilitate the park’s world-renowned Maya Bay.

The Coorong river in South Australia ABC News: Sarah Dingle

The Coorong wetland is dying

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is six years in and Australian taxpayers have spent $8 billion on it so far — yet the internationally significant ecosystem at the end of the basin, the Coorong, is dying.
The south lagoon of the Coorong lies at the very end of the Murray-Darling Basin in South Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

Saving Corals From Destruction

Nestled among giant fish tanks at the California Academy of Sciences, there’s a black box—just big enough to hold six aquariums and maybe five humans. What it lacks in size, though, it makes up for in preciousness: Running here is a experiment that could help save corals from annihilation.

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