The Political Correct Leftists are growing nastier each day, book-burning not far away.
Thank God white people populated America

Last week Swedish researchers made a startling claim they discovered the word ‘Allah’ embroidered into ancient Viking burial clothing. These findings have now been questioned by experts claiming the inscription “makes no sense in Arabic.”

Annika Larsson’s findings, which concluded that the inscriptions were evidence that Viking “burial customs were influenced by Islam and the idea of an eternal life in Paradise after death,” were widely reported last week as a ‘historic first’. It fits in todays political correct narrative, trying to depict Islam as the basis of European cultural heritage.

Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the University of Texas, Stephennie Mulder, however, claims there is a “serious problem of dating.” But for Larsson, that’s an unimportant detail.

Mulder went on to explain that the Kufic script didn’t exist at the time of the Vikings and that even if it did, the inscription still doesn’t mean anything in Arabic. It’s a style called square Kufic, and it’s common in Iran, C. Asia on architecture after 15th c. Mulder said. She continued: “But let’s assume there are 10th c. Central Asian textiles with square Kufic. Even so, it turns out Larsson’s drawing doesn’t say ‘Allah’ Instead the drawing says للله ‘lllah’, which basically makes no sense in Arabic. But the final nail in the coffin *cough* I mean burial ship is that Larsson’s claim is based on extrapolation, not evidence.” Mulder was citing a textile specialist, Carolyn Priest-Dorman, who writes that the interpretation is based on “extensions of pattern, not an existing pattern.”

Priest-Dorman and Mulder’s analysis details how the texts say ‘Allah’ only if you presume that the embroidered fabric was originally twice as wide as it is now and that the pattern was replicated in specific ways, leading Mulder to say that “Larsson’s extensions are entirely conjectural.”

Speaking to, Annika Larsson, a researcher in textile archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Sweden’s Uppsala University, contested her critics’ claims, saying that there is a “misunderstanding” from Mulder about the images.

“The scripts on the ribbons are like secret messages. First I thought they were copied by someone who didn’t understand the message. But the patterns in the ribbons are like a puzzle or a rebus to read,” she said.

“I have spoken to Muslims that tell me that even today sometimes you don’t want to say/write/depict the Gods name clearly, so then you can make it like a puzzle, and even mirror it. I think that is what they have done on these ribbons.

“The project is represented in an Exhibition at Enköpings Museum not far from Stockholm, where we have reconstructed two ribbons.

“In this specific case we see a puzzle of two patterns – then mirrored. It is like a hidden or secret message, that is still sometimes used in the Muslim tradition when writing the name of God,” she added.

In fact, what she is trying to say is that there are no Islamic texts to be found, but if you try hard enough, and accept that what you are looking for is not there but instead invisible and well hidden, then it’s clear that the name of “Allah” MUST be there. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

I have said it before, some scientists don’t deserve that name.

The Political Correct Leftists are growing nastier each day, book-burning not far away.
Thank God white people populated America

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