Germans feel leftists have taken over news media
Refugees solution to unemployment in Sweden

Giles Duley arrives on the remote island of Nagu in Finland, as part of his photo-reportage work for UNHCR documenting the plight of refugees across Europe, and finds the locals offering touching hospitality to their ‘guests’.

• ‘The refugees are warm, emotional people. There’s a lot we can learn’












Nice story, with feel-good pictures, in black-and-white so that the harsh conditions these poor migrants have to endure are made clear for everyone to see.

In the mean time, far away from the UNHCR camera’s:

FINLAND: Rape epidemic by Muslim migrants is only one reason why Finns don’t want more Muslim ‘refugees,’ the majority of whom are military age men

An Ilta-Sanomat headline proclaims crimes committed by asylum seekers have increased dramatically. Finland’s biggest daily newspaper devoted many column inches to the issue of rape. The topic of rape and violence against women has come to the forefront of discussion in Finnish media since highly-publicised incidents of rape committed by asylum seekers in recent weeks.


Police estimates that only one in four rapes are reported to the police.
In 2000, 488 rapes were reported.
In 2014, the number was up to 940
In 2015, (from Jan to October), there were already 864 cases reported.

Citing Helsinki University’s Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy figures, the paper writes that incidents of reported rapes by immigrants were about eight times higher than that of native Finns. The paper also writes that the most reported rapes were committed by people from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Dont rape me


Finnish police barred from identifying Muslim migrants as criminal suspects to avoid “racist” backlash against Muslim migrants.

Finnish cops have been ordered by the country’s national police board not to publicly identify migrants as criminal suspects over concerns that doing so would encourage a ‘racist’ backlash against the wave of asylum seekers entering Scandinavia.

The new guidance, reported on by Finnish news outlet Iltalehti.fl, is designed to prevent “negative” attitudes being attached to asylum seekers, as well as maintaining “law and order and a sense of security” by not radicalizing local populations who are opposed to migrants entering the country.

By keeping the migrant status of the suspect confidential, the police board hopes that crimes committed by asylum seekers will not “stir up anger.”

“They are not all the same…You can not judge all of them because of a ‘few’ individuals… Of course not, but if migrants are 8 times more likely to rape you, I would keep more than an arm’s length distance if I see one. But maybe daughters of politically correct leftists are immune to the threat of Rapugees?


Germans feel leftists have taken over news media
Refugees solution to unemployment in Sweden

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