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French President Emmanuel Macron, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe of Japan at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. © Valery Sharifulin / Reuters

Russia: between Europe and Asia

The question of whether Russia is a European or Asian country, or both, has perplexed its leaders and citizens for centuries. However, French President Emmanuel Macron believes he knows the answer.

Deathly Cafe 01

Enjoy Life While You Still Can

Cafe offers a deathly experience. At first glance you will feel that you are at a funeral, not a cafe. Greeting you is a coffin and funeral wreaths. The venue is also decorated grimly with strips of black cloth.

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Maybe Democracy Is Not Always The Best Solution

by Michael Schuman Bloomberg NEW YORK – Even since China’s Communist Party revealed that it would scrap term limits on the presidency — meaning the post’s current occupant, Xi Jinping, can now serve for life — there has been much...

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