Nord Stream 2: US threatens to punish Russia & Germany, just desires to sell own gas
Fall of Empires: London, Washington & Paris on brink of collapse (by George Galloway)

What looks like an oversized personnel carrier made out of plywood and paint-sprayed to resemble an armoured vehicle was presented in Ghana during a technological fair, highlighting the homegrown high-tech achievements of the country. Judging from the videos, it looks like it would be no match for a good old spear or an arrow, but luckily the Monster Truck was surrounded by a herd of exoskeleton zombies to scare the enemy away. However, the ‘exoskeleton-clad’ men seemed to have difficulties moving as they were slowly getting into a square, as onlookers cheer.

The weaponry is then inspected by a delegation of – presumably – high-ranking military officials, the local voodoo priest and other well-fed government officials. The cutting edge weaponry was shown in the capital city of Accra at the 38th annual Technology Exhibition of the Kantanka Group, according to local media.

The armoured (?) car appears to be some four meters tall (13ft) and thrice as long, featuring a gun of sorts on its roof, as well as a number of tubes, vaguely resembling smokescreen launchers. Apart from that, it has several hatches and numerous holes on the side, allowing the troopers to use personal weaponry like their bow and arrow I suppose. According to the APC’s designer, it is also packed with a sort of “laser rangefinder.” It also features two night-view cameras on the rear. They even took care of camouflaging the tires.

The APC also features a large hatch in its back – closely resembling a hydro lift, most probably borrowed from the local garbage truck, several cameras to observe the surroundings and a comfy-looking interior with air conditioning and a flat screen.

Unfortunately, no technical details of the unveiled weapon systems have been revealed to the general public. The quite modest road clearance of the APC, as well its very impressive dimensions, are signalling that it likely has very limited – if any – off-road capability. The extent of the protection it provides is unknown as well. Maybe it will shield the soldiers inside from thrown bananas.

The ‘exoskeletons’, on their part, appear to be quite reliable, as one of them has apparently had one of its tubes – presumably hydraulic cords – snapped during a demonstration, the video shows. The malfunction, however, has not affected the performance of the man inside the fancy suit, who continued to walk slowly yet steadily. It remains unclear if the exoskeleton boosts carry weight, strength or speed of a trooper – as it’s supposed to. On the other hand, it seems to prevent the zombie soldiers from running away from the enemy.

As technologically advanced as it may seem, the APC, Black Edition, is not really that groundbreaking. It looks as if it’s based on an idea, developed by the British Army during World War II. Just take a look at the next video. I have to admit though that the British didn’t use bows and arrows.

Nord Stream 2: US threatens to punish Russia & Germany, just desires to sell own gas
Fall of Empires: London, Washington & Paris on brink of collapse (by George Galloway)
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