Claims that Assad ordered chemical attack lack credibility
U.S. President Donald Trump and Syria (and Russia)

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06:33 LOL, the US carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman is expected to reach the Persian Gulf in May, a Russian top brass officer said, adding such a deployment was an “established practice” of the US Navy. So it’s not an urgent problem.

— 06:22 Russia’s state TV tells everyone not to panic, but nonetheless provides handy guidance on “What to take to the Bomb Shelter”. People in the US still think they’re safe.

— 06:20 British PM to convene special war cabinet tomorrow for Syria Strikes.

— 05:42 Israeli Defence Force is currently on high alert.

— 05:39 Sec. General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with Dagsrevyen tonight, there will be a sharp reaction from the US within the next 24 hours.

05:36 Confirmed: A fully-armed Russian jet buzzed a French warship, hearing that the jets possibly had anti-ship missiles loaded.

— 05:31 Senior Russian lawmaker: US military strike on Syria could trigger direct military clash with Russia.

— 05:25 Russian lawmaker urges Putin to take ‘military measures’ if US strikes Syria.

— 05:17 Syria military bases on high alert as US attack expected. Sources: BBC All.

— 05:13 UN Council rejects Russian measure on OPCW mission to Syria.

— 05:12: DEFCON 4

— 05:10 Russian ambassador at the UNSC: The strike that you’re planning against Syria will lead to a catastrophic result.

— 05:07 French President Macron has put fighter jets currently based at the Saint-Dizier Robinson airbase on alert in preparation for airstikes on Syria.

— 04:59 Rosaviatsiya, Russia’s equivalent of the FAA, has warned Russian airlines, saying that pilots should avoid Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean due to possible US airstrikes.
US led coalition asking all ME flight Companies to change itinerary in Syria for next 48 HRS on possible airstrike.

— 04:56 Top sources in Washington revealed that Turkey and Iraq and Jordan allowed US and allies to use sky for air strike against Assad regime.

— 04:48 Reports of a large number of US strategic bombers arriving in UK Cambridgeshire. (Unofficial from DefconWarningSystem, not a govt.)

— 04:35 Moscow: WHO must clarify sources behind statement on 500 victims in Douma.
The WHO may have fallen for lies coming from flawed sources, when it released a statement reporting that 500 people with signs of chlorine poisoning had been treated in Syria’s Douma, said a senior Russia diplomat.
The statement released by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday cited “Health Cluster partners” as the source of the information, which the UN body called a source of serious concern. Moscow believes that, considering the controversy surrounding Douma, the WHO has to clarify who those sources were exactly.

— 04:30 Russian Embassy in Lebanon: “Russia will respond to the US and her allies in the most severe way possible if they launch an attack on Syria. Both fixed and moving assets will be targeted.”

— 04:28 Russian Ambassador to US Ambassador: You will have to deal with the consequences of any upcoming attack on Syria.

— 04:25 Russian Ambassaddor to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin: Russia will retaliate against the United States is the latter launches an attack on Syria.
“We will destroy both the missiles and the platforms (xarplanes/warships) from these missiles are launched.

04:08 Russian Ministry of Defence has asked Iran to provide access to the 3rd Tactical Fighter Base in Hamedan to deplay heavy bombers and to use it as a refuelling point for fighter jets which are supposedly being deployed to Syria.

— 04:07 Israeli Defence Force is currently on high alert.

— 03:54 Voice of reason killed in the bud.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May appears ready to get the UK involved in a possible military strike against Syria without seeking the Parliament’s approval, the BBC reports citing “well-placed sources.”
The reported willingness of May to jump on board the looming strike, which the US says it’s still making up their mind on, comes despite no investigation yet carried out into the alleged chemical incident in Syria’s Douma, which fired up the Western governments openly supporting the forces seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad

May reportedly sees an “urgent” need for a response, according to government insiders. She also appears to believe a military intervention will prevent further chemical incidents in Syria.

— 04:30 indications just now from French President Macron and the Saoudi crown prince that a multi-national military action is being planned to respond to the latest reported, but unproven, chemical weapons attack against civilians in Syria.

— 03:51 Cooling down a bit: Amid Donald Trump’s bullish rhetoric, Defense Secretary Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis suggested that the US remains uncertain about the details of what exactly occurred in Douma on April 7, adding that no decision has been made to strike Syria.
“We’re still assessing the intelligence — ourselves and our allies. We’re still working on this,” Mattis told the media on Wednesday in Washington.
Mattis also added that the US was prepared to deploy military options – with media reports indicating that the White House is considering both attacks on multiple targets and a prolonged bombing campaign against the government.

— 03:20 Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed Donald Trump’s attempts to talk to Russia through a barrage of tweets on Wednesday, and warned that the US president risked worsening “an already fragile situation.”
“We don’t do Twitter diplomacy. We are proponents of a serious approach,” Peskov told the media in Moscow. “We still think it is important to avoid steps that could harm what is already a fragile situation.”

— 03:01 Voice of reason? Theresa May calls for ‘more evidence’ before military action in Syria.
The UK PM’s request for “more evidence” during private phone calls with the US president, reported by the Times, is seemingly a contrast to the public broadcasts she has made. Along with her top government officials, May has made clear who she suspects bears the guilt for the alleged chemical atrocity in Douma, Syria, on Saturday, pointing the finger at President Bashar Assad, aided by Russia.

— 02:50 Latest statement from Russia’s ambassador to the UN: we are not afraid to attack US military assets if the US strikes Syria, so it’s not just ships, US also has bases and 2K troops in the North of Syria.

— 02:32 Syria: many reports coming in from the ground that some Russian SU-34’s are armed with anti-ship missiles, some are currently flying over Tartus.

— 02.20 Websites of Russia’s Rusal, En+ and Renova are down due to unknown reasons.

— 02:16 Senior Israeli official tells Israel’s Channel 101 that after security discussions PM Netanyanhu believes Trump is very likely to order an attack on Syria.

— 02:12 Saoudi Arabian FM confirms support for strikes against Syria, making it the first Middle Eastern state to join the US-led trans-national attack. UK and France have pledged forces to strike over alledged chemical weapons usage. Attack expected in next 24 hours.

— 02:09 Possible tanker swarm in the making with 30+ tankers airborne over the continental US at this morning.

Mustard gas-filled 155mm projectiles at the Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado. © Reuters
Mustard gas-filled 155mm projectiles at the Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado. © Reuters
— ‘Let’s start by destroying US chemical weapons’: Russia responds to Trump’s plea to ‘end arms race’

— Nigel Farage has turned his back on US President Donald Trump, as the former UKIP chief cautioned Britain against intervening alongside the US in Syria.
In an unprecedented break with the Republican leader, Farage said he would not want the UK to join forces with the US against Syrian President Bashar Assad. Farage’s statement follows a volley of tweets from Trump warning Russia he intended to launch “nice and new and ‘smart’” missiles against Syria.

— 02:02Russia rejects US draft resolution on Syria at UNSC. Makes military response more likely.

— 01:55 Reports that multiple RuAF warplanes carrying ant-ship missiles broke the sound barrier over Tartous and Latakia just now.

Russian ships have left port of Tartus, Syria.

— 01:45 Chinese warships in the mediterranean are ordered to join the Russian navy.

— 01:38 Missile defense systems were deployed around the presidential palace in Syria and the defence ministry in Damascus, according to a UN diplomatic source. Aircraft were reportedly transferred to the Russian base near Latakia.

— 01:34 British forces are now mobilizing at their bases in Cyprus for strikes against Syria. It appears very likely that the US, France and UK will strike Syria in the next 24 hours.

— 01:29 The Russian military has been jamming some US military drones operating in the skies over Syria, seriously affecting American military operations, according to 4 US officials.

— 01:24 Head of the State Duma Defence committee Shamanov, if the US attacks Syria, Russia will take all political, diplomatic and if necessary, military retaliatary measures. We will not allow US to rivet nails on a foreign anvil. There will be no unlawfull action left without an answer.

— 01:21 Devolution of command and standing orders mean that officers on board US guided missile destroyers in the eastern Med have authority to take down any Russian fighter/bomber that warms up their screen (shows hostile intent, at whatever range).

— 01:18 USS Harry Truman Strike group and 7 warships deployed to the mediterranean

Claims that Assad ordered chemical attack lack credibility
U.S. President Donald Trump and Syria (and Russia)
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