White Helmets exposed as tool for regime change
OMG, Using "Never Again" Upsets Holocaust Survivors

Nigel Farage has posted a picture of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau online, with a caption suggesting they undermine “Western civilization.”

The former UKIP leader posted the image of the two leaders embracing during a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday with the caption: “This photo is not filling me with confidence that Western civilization can be saved.”

The picture is a snap from Trudeau’s visit to London this week, during which he met with Khan and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The trio discussed gender equality in front of a teenage audience to mark 100 years since women secured the right to vote in the UK. Gender equality of all subjects…are there no other, more pressing subjects to discuss these times? Gender equality should not be discussed, it should be accepted as a fact.

Supporters of Khan took to Twitter to blast the Brexiteer over his tweet. While several accused him of sowing hatred and discord among the population, others suggested it would do civilization a favor if Farage was the one to retire. Strange how the truth upsets so many people.

It is the second time in less than a fortnight that Farage has had a go at the London mayor. Speaking at the beginning of April, he accused Khan of “burying his head in the sand” over the rise in knife and gun crime in London.

“I think we have a breakdown of law and order in certain districts in London. Remarkably this mayor of London has not visited a single one of the crimes scenes, he has not met any of the bereaved families,” he told Fox Business. “He’s simply burying his head in the sand.”

Responding to reports of the murder rate in London overtaking that of New York in February and March, he added: “I never thought I would see the day when the murder rate in London would overtake that of New York.

I wonder whether the London Mayor Sadiq Khan should spend a bit less time slagging off Donald Trump and a bit more time getting to grips with crime in London because clearly, we have a real bad problem here,” he said on his LBC program.

White Helmets exposed as tool for regime change
OMG, Using "Never Again" Upsets Holocaust Survivors
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